Adult Protective Services


Roeing APSconnect was built to fulfill a need to provide the right level of service to the at-risk adult population. This was designed by case workers for case workers. It is architected to empower users to properly administer and manage the entire service process.

The system greatly enhances case worker productivity by allowing users to maintain a client centered focus through task-based experiences. Task based experiences aggregate relevant data and presents it to the user to eliminate inefficient toggling between records and screens. The result is increased productivity, connecting services to those in need with  a client centric, outcome-based platform.

  Incident Reporting – Reporting incidents of alleged maltreatment is easy via a web portal, mobile application or a call center interface.
  Investigation – A systematic process of documenting and validating identities and events of the reported abuse.
  Assessment – Comprehensive assessment built on industry best practices to profile service needs.
  Case Management – Building a profile of the incident history in a consolidated view with the individual’s service needs attached to a schedule of interactions and service deliverables.
  Monitoring – Analyze individual and provider interactions, track case status, alert case managers of upcoming activities/tasks, and monitor outcome benchmarks.
  Data Analysis and Reporting – Real-time and historical reporting of incidents, case status, activities and other data to assure service is delivered in a timely fashion.

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