cloud services

The "cloud" is a widely used concept that is designed to provide services in a whole new way. By creating a pool of computing resources that all operate together, your organization has access to numerous resources that function as one network. This gives your business the freedom to operate where you want, when you want, without the restrictions of a traditional network setup. Cloud resources allow you to focus on running your business rather than running the IT hardware.

Roeing provides cloud service resources to match the needs of each organization. Our solutions offer Enterprise-class services without compromising availability, reliability or security. Our cloud consultants can help determine if your business needs require systems on-premises, off-premises, or a combination of both. Following an initial assessment, Roeing can build your cloud and help you get started in the new era of cloud computing. Request a Roeing Cloud Assessment today.

Choose a lightweight approach to the traditional on premises IT infrastructure with hosted solutions by Roeing. Stay connected, but shed the infrastructure. Hosted solutions are a new way of doing business. By keeping your infrastructure hosted in the cloud, your company can deploy cloud solutions remotely, allowing your staff to work from anywhere, with any of your systems. Roeing can create a remote infrastructure system for you using services such as Microsoft Cloud hosting. With the security of remote monitoring by Roeing, your infrastructure is maintained and remains secure. Talk to our highly trained hosted solutions team today for a consultation, and begin the first step to infrastructure freedom.

Business is about efficiency and resource utilization to maximize the impact of every dollar spent to the benefit of your organization’s goals. Roeing believes in making IT an integral part of your business strategy, efficiency, and cost-effective resource allocation.

Strategy, efficiency and managed investments can be obtained with a well-designed virtualized environment. Roeing’s engineers will help you design the best IT environment that meets aligns with your enterprise strategies and goals. and allows. Using virtualization software, Roeing can deploy additional servers or storage by provisioning resources you already own. That computes to savings in capital expenditures and provides business flexibility to quickly adapt to key business initiatives.