Keep all of your business materials together, and stay productive.


Collaborate from anywhere with Microsoft SharePoint. Organize and share information, knowledge and team or project documents to quickly and efficiently collaborate with internal and external clients. SharePoint integrates with Office 365, OneNote, PowerBI and Microsoft Dynamics CRM to securely manage and consolidate all of your important documents. With web access and document synchronization you can have the most current version of a document at your fingertips from any device, at any time. Discover how to engage with people, share ideas, and manage information, people and projects with SharePoint.
The latest and most versatile of Microsoft’s Office suite provides a vital tool for creating and managing files anywhere, in the office or on the go. By bringing together the best communication and collaboration tools into an online package, Office 365 has become the modern solution for professionals and small businesses. With HD videoconferencing through Skype for Business, you can work with colleagues across the globe as though they were in the same room. Office 365 allows your business to be more capable, more efficient, and more successful with cloud-based mobility. Our team of Office 365 certified professionals will seamlessly migrate your business email, documents and other Office products to the cloud. Contact us today to setup a trial of Office 365.
Businesses want the power and flexibility with technology to run their business from anywhere, and that is why they are turning to the cloud. Technology can be a major differentiator in your business and knowing how to transition from what you have now to the new world of connected devices: servers to the cloud or PCs to mobile devices is made easy with Roeing’s Cloud services. This is where Roeing and solutions from Microsoft provide a unique approach for your business to realize the benefits of Cloud technology. We will guide you through the decision-making process of choosing the correct path, your own path, to leveraging Cloud technologies – whether by expanding with greater efficiency, protecting your data, or empowering your mobile workforce. Contact us today for a free Cloud Assessment.
Organizing the scattered notes of every team member on the group project has never been easier with Microsoft OneNote. Add together typed text, create tables, insert images, or include audio or video clips. OneNote gives your staff the freedom to combine sources to create the whole picture. Work anywhere on the page—OneNote leaves you unbound and free to divide and conquer. Let everyone on the project take a section and add in their knowledge with OneNote’s multi-user capability. With features such as offline paragraph editing with automatic synchronization and merging, your collaborative effort can be continuously updated. Teamwork is made smarter with Microsoft OneNote.