Our team is passionate about technology and believe that technology exists for the purpose of making our work, our lives and our organizations better. Roeing is focused on helping you create order and clarity out of the complicated information technology world. We are dedicated to creating IT solutions that automate, streamline and standardize IT operations so you can focus on your business.



Employees ​

At Roeing we believe in leading by example. We know that each individual plays an integral role in the success of the company, and we want our employees to feel like part of a family, not just part of an organizational chart. We believe that when our employees feel cared for and supported, they will, in turn, show that same care and support to our customers. In order to be the best place to hire, we must first be the best place to work.

Clients ​

Roeing strives to create solutions and products that will be the best fit for our clients. We ensure that our clients enjoy their experience with Roeing on a partnership level. Solving problems is at the forefront of our business – but building trustworthy and reliable partnerships is a hallmark of our success over four decades. ​


Roeing has a rich history of giving back to the communities where we live and work. We believe in acting and interacting in a vital, vibrant manner on behalf of our local communities in a variety of ways. We encourage volunteerism, take on leadership roles and apply our time and experience to furthering good causes​.

Continuing Education & Training ​

The technology industry is always changing and evolving, and Roeing ensures that  our team evolves with it. Roeing offers various training sessions and events on our campus that has a dedicated training facility. We strive to keep our staff up to date on technical certifications and to attain new technology as it is released into the market.​


These are just some of the volunteer work that Roeing participates in.

Area V, Christmas gifts

Lafayette Catholic Schools

Food finders Food Drives

United Way

Read to Succeed – United Way

Lafayette Adult Resources (LARA),
Annual Spelling Bee

  • Backpack program for Christmas
  • Various school sponsorships
  • Career day shadowing and mentoring
  • Youth sporting team sponsorship
  • Lemonade day leadership committee
  • Host chamber events for Microsoft Education
  • Donate services
  • Technology recycling program to benefit kids – rebuild old computer and donate to kid’s after school programs