Roeing’s data analytics consulting team can help you get insight out of information. We’ll help you make smarter decisions about how to move your business forward by gaining a better understanding of where your company is today and where it might be headed in the future.

Gain insight that you can use to optimize just about every area of your business from our data analytics consulting team. You will get the most out of the information we gather about your organization because data-driven decisions get the best possible outcomes. We have the full spectrum of skills to help you get to these outcomes. These skills include:

  • Data assessments
  • Data planning
  • Business intelligence
  • Data science
  • Predictive analytics

Our team has extensive experience working in K-12 and the Government sector, but we we can help clients optimize their data in just about any industry. We have helped countless government agencies and school corporations realize their full potential through the power of data, and we are uniquely suited to handle these types of large, complicated projects.


Microsoft Power BI

As “Information Management Specialists”, Roeing has the data experts to transform large volumes of data or to consolidate data from different data sources into a data set that has meaning. Our Business Intelligence (BI) consultants will transform your data into meaningful dashboards and reports that will give insight into your business so you can make timely decisions. Our data experts will create a model that captures the important data elements for your business and present it in consumable and meaningful dashboards. Once these dashboards are built, you can easily refresh and manage the dashboards so your key decision makers have the right information, in the right format, at the right time. Contact us to schedule a BI consultation.

Microsoft Power BI