Security Services

When it comes to security, our job as your technology partner is to reduce your risk by delivering solutions that are designed to detect and stop a security breach. We take very seriously our responsibility to assist you in protecting the continuity of your business.

New vulnerabilities and exploits are discovered on a daily basis and with threats as prevalent and damaging as Ransomware, data theft, and system breaches, it is critical to quickly identify and mitigate vulnerabilities. An effective security strategy is a layered defense approach, built on leading security technologies that address the wide spectrum of threats and compliance requirements.

Roeing’s Secure360 suite provides a layered approach to protecting your business with an integrated solution stack of security products that are built on the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Cybersecurity Framework: Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover.

The Roeing Secure360 product suite aligns the best practices of the NIST framework with a cost-effective solution to help you manage Cybersecurity-related risk.

Our Secure360 DETECT Security Assessment can be either a one-time snapshot in time of your environment or an ongoing Security Service with Quarterly Re-Checks that give you an accurate, in-depth view of how your Security footprint has improved.

Couple this with our Secure360 CVA (Continuous Vulnerability Assessment) Security Service and your Technology Infrastructure is covered from top-to-bottom.

With our Secure360 DETECT Assessments you receive in-depth reports that give you both the deep-dive technical information that you need to remediate and also the high-level, non-technical, executive view. Your environment will be assigned a Risk Analysis Score that identifies how your current environment is hardened against security threats. Any future assessments will utilize the Risk Analysis Score as a baseline to provide a comparison identifying the areas that have improved and where vulnerabilities still exist.

As network security threats grow more advanced by the day, protecting your company’s systems and data becomes more challenging. Knowing where your risks and vulnerabilities are is the first step to hardening up your network security.

Our Roeing Secure360 CVA (Continuous Vulnerability Assessment) solution takes into account your custom security policies and intelligently identifies suspicious anomalies, changes, and threats. In addition, our powerful analysis engine examines multiple data points and notifies you directly of security issues caused by unusual user behavior and network misconfigurations.

Roeing will set up regular reporting that details changes in your network from report to report, as well as all the issues we have resolved in that time. In addition, we take measures to minimize internal network vulnerabilities. These measures include setting up daily and weekly alerts, and delivering actionable intelligence—in case of an accidental or malicious breach.

The two biggest mistakes a company can make with respect to security is assuming their employees know internal security policies and care enough to follow those policies. There are many security risks that lead to data breaches but the most effective method is a phishing scam. The best defense against a Phishing Scam is user education and training your employees to be constantly wary of emails they receive.

The Roeing Secure360 Cybersecurity Education incorporates online user training with simulating Phishing emails to build awareness. Employees who click on the Phishing email links receive a message that they have fallen for a Phishing Scam and are offered tips or training on how to avoid being victimized in the future. Roeing Secure360 Cybersecurity Training educates the users about your plan and policies as well as build awareness of the common methods used to compromise a user’s credentials. This will help you create a “culture of security” where security is top of mind when accessing emails or using the internet.

Traditional backup methods, such as tape, disk, or online only, are no longer sufficient. In fact, leading edge business owners are finding them unacceptable, due to their inability to recover data quickly and mitigate downtime. Technological innovations have established a comprehensive new standard, Intelligent Business Continuity (IBC). Only an IBC solution will ensure data protection, data security, instant recovery, mitigate downtime and ensure continuity. Roeing DBR provides an intelligent business continuity solution by having redundant copies of your data both local and offsite with the ability to have instant restoration of your machines and data. The Roeing BDR solution validates virtual backups at the time of the snapshot to validate that your backup is good and will allow you to recover from a disaster in minutes.
Taking your organization’s cyber security seriously is vital to its survival. Security Information, and Event Management (SIEM), solutions have become the go to method for improving an organization’s security posture.

Managed Security Threat Monitoring as-a-service.
One service includes all:
  • 24/7 Security Operations Center. (SOC)-as-a-service
  • Cloud-based Security Information & Event Management (SIEM). (SIEM)-as-a-service
  • Incident Response Team (IRT) and Forensics IRT-as-a-service
  • Monitor threats on-premise, Cloud (e.g., AWS, Azure) or hybrid
  • One month opt-out. No penalty!
  • One low monthly subscription fee per device
  • One hour to implement Security Monitoring Solution
  • Office365 Security Monitoring
  • Over 250 products supported (e.g., Firewall, Domain controllers)
  • Agentless cloud-based SIEM solution