I recently attended Microsoft’s Inspire conference for partners worldwide. Inspire is an appropriate conference title. I’m not only inspired by Microsoft’s innovation but also inspired by the many Microsoft partners around the world that showcased their creative solutions using Microsoft products and the positive impact those projects have on our communities, educational institutions, governments and businesses.

Not only am I inspired but I am excited about the technology solutions we have to address your business needs. My head is full of new and creative solutions!

I have new tools and technologies that will allow me to more effectively accomplish your projects. I feel like there are no limits or constraints on where we can go! I look forward to discussing with you new ways of tackling your technology challenges and I hope I can inspire you to think creatively. Together we can transform your organization. We all get in a rut of doing our work and focusing on getting work done rather than thinking about why we are doing it and what could be better. It can be hard to stop and take that step back to ask the questions of ‘why’ and ‘what if’. I look forward to working with you to discuss the “what if”!

We are inspired. We are excited. We are creative. The best part of solving a problem or looking at a business process is finding that solution that gets people excited for change. When we can create something new that makes a process better, people get excited about using it and it can be that bump in the road that jars them out of the rut. They start thinking about other processes that they struggle with and how those could be better. They get excited and it spreads to other people. That one change can lead an organization to rethinking how they work and that can make huge differences in the way their business operates.

How can we inspire your organization? The question is how do we use that bump in the road to get people excited to change one thing for the better to improve the way we work? Conversations are a great way to get that started. Having that conversation about a new technology or a tool can open the door. Having a conversation with the Roeing Team who will help you explore the ‘what if’ to get you started down the road of inspiration and business transformation.

I’m excited about our journey together!


Cecilia Corcoran