Is Your Data Being Backed Up While Working Remotely?

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You’ve most likely hit your stride with working from home at this point. Everything seems to be running smoothly. Microsoft© 365 and Teams have become your “go-to” applications. Microsoft© Office 365 and the entire suite of applications, like Word and Excel are Software as a Service (SaaS) programs. These Microsoft© SaaS offerings are easy to use, highly scalable, and drive standardization. However, SaaS applications, like Microsoft© Office 365  still require data protection and compliance for a given business.

Why You Need SaaS Backup

There’s a common misconception among SaaS users that data backups are not necessary for their data because it exists in the “cloud”. However, this is patently untrue. SaaS applications are just as vulnerable to data loss as an on-premise application. Why? Because the #1 cause of data loss is human error. People delete important files, users open phishing emails, employees accidentally download malware, and more. SaaS vendors are unable to distinguish if certain user actions are done in error or if they are done deliberately.

Other scenarios where you could lose data include:

  • Malicious deletion by a disgruntled employee or outside entity
  • Malware damage or ransomware attacks
  • Operational errors such as accidental data overwrites
  • Lost data due to canceled app licenses

Many vendors operate under the “Shared Responsibility Model” – they only claim responsibility for areas that they have complete control over. Microsoft© must maintain the availability of their applications and protect their servers from disaster scenarios, but the end user is responsible for the data being created within their respective application.


Roeing’s Secure360 SaaS Backup for Microsoft© Office 365 provides backups for the entire Microsoft© Office 365 suite. It will back up your email, contacts, calendars, and OneDrive. It will also backup SharePoint® and Teams sites, making sure all meeting notes, shared documents and collaboration items are safely backed up. Restoring an item is quick and painless and can be restored to the original account, another existing account, or exported in a format for long term archiving or compliance needs.  Roeing’s Secure360 SaaS Backup  is a complete end-to-end backup solution for Microsoft© Office 365 at a very affordable price.

Secure360 by Roeing

SaaS backup is a part of Roeing’s Secure360 Suite of cybersecurity products that provide a layered approach to protecting your business. Our Secure360 Platform is an integrated solution stack of security products that are built on the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Cybersecurity Framework: Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover.

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