I have been in IT for most of my life. I am a Computer Scientist by trade, but my career has evolved away from the technical disciplines of the industry to the sales, marketing, leadership and project management of the IT professional services business.

When I was a freshman at Ball State University, I enrolled in the Computer Science program, quite some time ago. I have been a part of large “wins” in my career. Just getting out of BSU with a degree in CS was a huge win. That win poster is my diploma still prominently displayed in my home office.

As a precursor to graduation was the legendary Senior Project. Dr. Brown was a no-nonsense professor and without a passing grade for the senior project you were not able to walk with your classmates in the spring commencement ceremonies. This project was intense and lasted for both semesters (BSU was on quarters back then). It essentially required writing a software system that had real world implications and of course was fully operational. My senior team, of more talented individuals than myself, created the Star grading system for Ball State. I still remember the cover sheet, logo and theme around our software system. In a way, it was my first introduction into a win poster.

As with all careers there are keystone events that stand out as huge victories. Conversely, and my career is no exception, there have been plenty of projects, engagements and even companies where I would not categorize those as “wins”.  

I do not remember where I got the idea of Win Posters from.  But somewhere on the inter-web in 2015, I stumbled over the concept of “win” posters. I thought, this is genius and immediately applied those to my employer’s business. The posters are mimics of Hollywood movie release posters. I included one of my all-time favorites below – Creature from the Black Lagoon (stock photo).

A Win Poster marries the creative and marketing side of the business to the technical side of the business and brings those both together in a unique way to recognize the efforts of those individuals that are responsible for the sale / win and those who will be delivering the service behind the win.

We all have been at a business where all the technical certifications are prominently displayed in the foyer (e.g. Microsoft, Rukus, Lenovo) along with other all the other recognition that have been bestowed upon them (e.g. Mira awards, Forbes magazine, Fast Company). Those are great and have their place too but having a unique, one of a kind Win Poster in the entryway will not only generate internal excitement but will have your guests intrigued by the art and the team responsible for the marquee moment.  

What are the net effects of adopting Win Posters for your organization?

  • Recognizes individuals that are moving the business forward.
  • Morphs complex or even boring topics and brings them to life.
  • Creates a winning culture.
  • Creates competition to get a big win that warrants a poster (totally subjective if leadership feels like it is a big win deserving of memorializing the event)
  • Captures the moment and really gives a historical picture book of your business (some folks retire and leave companies)
  • Inexpensive art for the office.
  • Great marketing and Social media material.

I included a couple of examples at the bottom of my post. I have permission from the artist to share these. The artist is Audi Ford. She is an amazing talent. I also have included a fresh one from Ben Prickel here at Roeing IT Solutions regarding a huge “W” for our Technology/Managed Service business unit.  I hope you find these as entertaining as I have. Win Posters are a great way to memorialize key successes within your business and with your employees.


Steve Fey


Director of Sales and Marketing/Government Project Lead